A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of debating Bill Morgan on the subject of Evolution and Creation. You can view this debate here. The debate was hosted by my friend Standing for Truth. Overall, I think this was probably one of my best debates to date. I really like Bill Morgan. He was very kind, gracious, and courteous to me throughout the debate. It is quite refreshing debating someone like Bill Morgan where you can have a friendly conversations on the facts.

I think I reached my primary goal in explaining why evolution best fits the data. In my opening speech, I went through the scientific method, the predictions of evolution, and how evolution best fits this data. I noted that if you want to overturn a theory or a hypothesis, your new hypothesis needs to explain all the current facts, data, and observations, explain them better than the current hypothesis or theory, and create new novel testable predictions that proved to be true.

In the open discussion portion, Bill Morgan seemed to be talking about everything but the theory of evolution. He brought up abiogenesis, the origins of the universe, the meaning of life, and many other points that are entirely irrelevant to the Theory of Evolution. Moreover, I believe Bill Morgan failed to explain the current observations better than the current hypothesis.

In the end, this is by far one of my best debates to date. I want to thank Bill Morgan for his generosity and courtesy throughout. I look forward to more interactions with him.